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Extend your spiritual offerings with ease. Connect and fulfill religious obligations for loved ones with Esaale Sawab through our dedicated platform.

Welcome to ESAAL, the premier platform dedicated to connecting people who can offer Esaale Sawab with people who require ESaal for their loved ones. Our mission is to bridge the gap between individuals seeking Esaale Sawab services and those providing them, fostering a seamless and meaningful experience for all.

At ESAAL, we understand the significance of spiritual practices (Wajibaat) such as the Prayer (Namaz), Fasting, and Recitation of Quran. We bring together a diverse community of religious practitioners, Imams, and pious individuals who are passionate about sharing their time and energies in helping others fulfill their religious obligations for their departed family members.

How ESaaleSawab.com Works

Our platform is designed to make the process of offering Esaale Sawab as easy and respectful as possible.


Sign Up

Create your free account on ESAAL to begin the journey. A simple registration process will grant you access to services and the opportunity to serve your loved ones.


Browse service provider

Explore verified profile listings of religious practitioners and select one that aligns with your requirements, whether it’s for Prayer, Fasting, or Quran Recitation.


Secure Transaction

Utilize our secure platform to request a service. Your selected service provider will receive the details and your transaction will be handled with utmost respect and privacy.


Fulfill Obligations

Upon confirmation, your selected service provider will start to perform the Esaale Sawab, ensuring that your spiritual contributions are extended with sincerity and devotion.

Our Services

Explore our range of services including Namaz/Salat, Fasting, and Quran Recitation, designed to assist you in honoring your loved ones.

Namaz / Salaat

Join a vast network of religious service providers and seekers alike, forming a close-knit community bound by shared values and traditions.

Fasting / Roza

Rest assured, your transactions and personal requirements are protected by our robust privacy policy and encrypted communication channels.

Quran recitation

Gain access to a library of resources that can educate and guide you in selecting the appropriate esoteric services for your specific needs.

The ESAAL Community

The ESAAL Community

Join a compassionate community that reveres the importance of spiritual practices and supports one another in fulfilling religious duties for those who have departed.

  1. Connect with Devoted Practitioners
  2. Easy Profile Browsing and Selection
  3. Transparent Service Offerings
  4. Privacy and Security Assured

Dedicated Support

Our platform was built with a deep understanding of your needs. ESAAL is committed to providing a supportive environment throughout your spiritual journey.

  • Compassionate Customer Service
  • Guidance at Every Step
  • Respectful and Confidential Handling
  • Community-Driven Experience




Service Providers


Successful Services


Happy Requestors

Reasonable pricing plans


from $ 49

1 Year Namaz

Fasting / Roza

from $ 30

1 Month Fast

Quran Recitation

from $ 20

1 Quran


Still not convinced?

Hear what our clients had to say.

Qumber Abbas

Community Member

ESAAL has helped me during my time of need. They found me a respectful, pious person who could offer Qaza Namaz for my late father and making it a comforting experience.

Saba Hamid

Grateful Daughter

Finding someone to recite the Quran for my late mother was very important to me. ESAAL made it possible in the most respectable way.

Adnan Haider

Widower & Patron

I wanted to honor my late wife with a special prayer service. Through ESAAL, I found someone who handled everything beautifully.

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